Family Voices of Wisconsin’s Mission Statement:

Family Voices of Wisconsin promotes a system of comprehensive health and community supports based on fundamental principles that assure the health and well-being of children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities and their families. The role of Family Voices of Wisconsin is to advocate for the inclusion of these principles in the design, implementation and delivery of supports and services throughout Wisconsin.

The fundamental principles that guide the work of Family Voices of Wisconsin:

  • Children are children first, regardless of their diagnosis. Support and services should be delivered with this in mind.
  • Families have great capacity to care for their children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities when they have informed real choices, strong supports and appropriate resources.
  • Health and community supports and services will respect and honor the unique culture and beliefs of families.
  • Children and youth are best served when their families work as partners with providers to make decisions about their health care and family supports, and children are supported within their community.



Family Voices of WI Brochure  | Organizational Brochure in Spanish  To order hard copies of our brochure email Lynn@fvofwi.org


Family Voices of Wisconsin Board of Directors

Cindy Zellner Ehlers – President

Bill White, JD – Vice President

Jason Cooper – Secretary/Treasurer

Other Members – Barb Gadbois, Monica Lopez, Linda Rowley, Bill Schwab, MD, Julie Turkoske and Beth Wroblewski


***To learn about what we can provide to other agencies and organizations see “Fee for Service”