FV Presentations

Below are presentations, developed by Family Voices of Wisconsin, available to families and providers upon request:


Considerations for Supported Decision Making:  When a young adult with a disability turns 18 there are many options to consider to support or assist their decision making. This presentation provides an overview of legal options, including guardianship and supported decision making agreements, as well as other tool and considerations.


Family Advocacy and Storytelling:  Family have a unique tool, their family story, that can influence change. This presentation explains why and how to use your family story.


Creating a Vision for the Future:  Its never too early (or too late) to start thinking broadly about what your child might or could do in the future!  This presentation helps families start this process, gives questions to consider and resources to learn more. 


Best-of-the-Best Resources:  Where can I find help and resources for children with special needs? This presentation gives families ideas about where to go and who to contact when they have questions.